Transnational project meeting, Sakarya (Turkey), 01. – 02. December 2022

Project Sonkei has reached its final stages. The meeting in Sakarya (Turkey) was the last international meeting between the eight partners of the Erasmus+ project.

The transnational project meeting was dedicated to analysing the evolution of the project, starting from the kick-off given online, to today. The most significant result achieved overall, at the end of the two years of work, is undoubtedly the educational kit, which includes a theoretical part, including legislative aspects of the various countries involved, and a practical part, of games and exercises aimed at promoting prevention of violence, declined in multiple forms, designed for all ages and aimed at preventing violence in sport. The proposed games arise from the proposals of the various partners and have been tested through the pilot trainings carried out in recent months.

The SONKEI outputs are available HERE.

In these two years, we have defined the various types of violence in sports, trying to measure their social impact; we have learned to understand, prevent and act. We have understood what a fundamental role the figure of the trustee can assume in the sports-educational panorama in the individual sports organisations, in the multi-faceted role of confidant and filter in violent situations.

The facilitator Jaka Kovac gives us an exact idea: »Beyond the differences between one country and another and the experiences lived by each one, what matters is the environment we manage to create. The athlete of any age must feel genuinely understood and listened to with an open mind by the adults who take care of him. In an open mind environment where sharing is honest, and the individual remains at the centre, violence has no place.«

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