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Through extensive international research within the “SONKEI – Respect in Sport, Respect in Life” project, we found that violence in sports occurs more often than expected in various forms (physical, verbal, psychological, sexism, homophobia, discrimination, …) both at the peer level as well as in the coach-athlete relationship.

We also found that there is not enough talk about it, violence in sports still remains a taboo topic that sports workers are not aware of, or do not talk about. At the same time, it affects the feeling of safety during sports practice, the healthy development of children and young people, a pleasant atmosphere and, last but not least, the performance of athletes. That’s why we organised a consultation, with which we wanted to open a space for dialogue and joint research on how to enable safe, pleasant and stimulating sports training for our athletes and trainees.

On Friday, December 11, 2021, the Sports Society GIB Ljubljana organised an international seminar on Violence in Sports, which was intended for professionals in sports and other sports enthusiasts interested in how we can prevent or intervene in the event of violence. The seminar was participative, and our speakers also presented their activities and experiences.

The Experts:

  • dr. Ferry Stepančič (SLO): Founder of the Educare Institute for the Development of Human Values in Education. He presented the importance of education and the role of coaches and teachers in preventing violence in sports.
  • Jaka Kovač (SLO): Non-formal education trainer, facilitator and youth worker. He discussed how we could enable safe and stimulating exercise for all practitioners.
  • Aleš Šolar (SLO): Director of the department of the Slovenian Olympic Academy and the EU project office at NOC. He presented the activities of preventing violence in sports carried out by the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations.

With the help of the presented content, we will prepare an educational program for professional sports workers and practical tools for all sports organisations and sports workers/coaches, which they will be able to use in raising awareness and educating young athletes about the importance of prevention and intervention in the event of violent events.

For all those who are interested in the topic of the SONKEI project, we invite you to follow the FB page: @Sonkei, Respect in Sport, Respect in Life.

If you want more information about the project, you can contact the project manager, Katja Rudaš, at the e-mail address: katja.rudas@gib-sport.com.

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