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In 2020, Sportno drustvo GIB Ljubljana (Sports Society GIB Ljubljana) applied for the project “SONKEI – Respect in Sport, Respect in lLife” in the EU call for Erasmus+ Sports. The SONKEI project aims to analyse attitudes, draw attention and raise awareness of children, youth and sports professionals about violence and discrimination in sports. In the scope of the project we will prepare educational content for coaches about prevention and intervention of violence and discrimination in sports.


Sonkei is a Japanese word that means respect. In relationships and functioning, everything begins and ends with the relationship between the participants in certain activities.

The consortium in the project consists of the coordinating organisation from Slovenia (Sports Society GIB) and partners from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The project’s first task was to review the violence in sports in all eight partner countries. With the survey, we wanted to determine whether and to what extent violence occurs inside sports fields and how much sports users (young people, coaches, parents) are aware of the procedures in the event of a violent incident.

Transnational Project Meeting 1 (Sarajevo, BiH)

The first transnational meeting followed in Sarajevo, BIH, where we were hosted by the partner organisation BRAVO (Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities). At the meeting, we continued with the tasks in the project with our partners. In the group workshops, we tried to find out what forms of violence we can talk about, what kind of protocols for reporting violence exists and, above all, what needs to be done in order to be able to prevent violent acts.

Multiplier Sport Event 1 (Sarajevo, BiH) – CONFERENCE

On the second day of the meeting, an international conference was held for sports professionals and other sports enthusiasts interested in tackling violence and discrimination in sports. The survey results (IO1) were presented at the conference, and various speakers participated—experts who contributed their violence-related experiences in sports.

The Experts:

  • Raša Sraka Vuković (SLO): The experience of a former top athlete (judoka) in dealing with violence in sports, where she took us through her story: Top results can also be achieved with respectful cooperation between coach and athlete.
  • Nijaz Memić (BIH): the story of a Paralympic athlete dealing with discrimination in sports. He highlighted the important role of the media in spreading more positive preventive content related to violence in sports. Instead of the current popularisation and sensationalisation of this topic.
  • Jovana Hadžić (BIH): Psychologist and former professional athlete presented the psychological aspect of the occurrence of violence in sports and tactics for dealing with it.
  • Rita Silva (POR): experienced PE teacher, gymnastics coach and researcher at Ginásio Clube Português. She spoke about the ethically acceptable limits of violence in sports. What is and what is not ethically acceptable in the training process of athletes?
  • Luka Vuković (SLO): judo coach and professor of physical education employed in an educational institution for adolescents with severe forms of behavioural and emotional disorders. He presented how you can use sport (judo) safely to interact with children and young people and build authority and respect. No violence, just sport. How to relax and prevent aggressive behaviour patterns through sports.

Based on the presented content, we want to prepare practical tools for all sports organisations and sports professionals/coaches. The latter will help them to cope with misbehaviours and prevent violence and discrimination in sports. In the following months, as part of the SONKEI project, we will also prepare applicable protocols that will be available for implementation in sports organisations/clubs.

The next transnational meeting for partners and educational seminars for professional workers in sports will take place between December 8 and 11, 2021, at Sports Society GIB (Ljubljana, SLO).

Anyone interested in the topic of the SONKEI project is invited to follow the FB page: @Sonkei, Respect in Sport, Respect in Life.

Project manager Katja Rudaš takes care of the SONKEI project. If you would like to receive PDF presentations from the event, you can contact her at the e-mail address:

You can read more about EU projects of Sports Society GIB – HERE.

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