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The theme of the project "SONKEI - Respect in Sport, Respect in Life" is tackling violence, discrimination and intolerance in sport. The aim and goal is to raise awareness among coaches, teachers and youth about violence and discrimination in sports. The latter is still not addressed to a sufficiently large extent in the wider society. And in the real sports ecosystem, the topic of violence, discrimination and intolerance is practically taboo.


We will prepare various educational content and tools for coaches, teachers and trustees.


We will empower children and young athletes with the knowledge of how to prevent or intervene if they perceive violence or are the victims of violence themselves.

SONKEI means RESPECT and is one of the most important values. We all want to feel respected for our knowledge, abilities, skills, and ourselves – this is our ego. We can earn the respect of others by first showing respect to them.

Values teach us and help us live and survive in society. Every ideology tries to legislate its values which are transmitted by being lived. Let’s say with a model. We try to stick to them even when something is not in our favour, or at least we are supposed to stick to them.

The “SONKEI – Respect in Sport, Respect in Life” project is an international project co-financed by the European Union Erasmus+ programme, coordinated by the Sportno drustvo GIB Ljubljana, in collaboration with partner organisations from 8 European countries.

The purpose of the project is to raise awareness among young athletes, their teachers, coaches and parents, as well as other sports officials about the various occurrences of violence in sports and their consequences and to empower them in preventing it.

Through discussions about the topic for the project, we came to the realisation that through our learning or sports process, we were often subjected to various types of violence and that we, as teachers or coaches, used violence (psychologically, physically) against young people. Something normal yesterday can be a crime today.

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Transnational project meeting, Sakarya (Turkey), 01. – 02. December 2022 Project Sonkei has reached its final stages. The meeting in Sakarya (Turkey) was the last international meeting between the eight partners of the Erasmus+ project. Read more…

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